AR15 animation

This Impressive AR-15 Animation Looks Inside the Rifle in a Whole New Way

This outstanding AR-15 animation is brought to you by the same guy who created the impressive video of how a semi-auto handgun works. This guy's on a roll!

Just as the video of a semi-auto handgun in cut-away and exploded view clearly demonstrated how that gun operates, so too does this AR-15 animation neatly highlight the inner workings of this popular rifle platform.

I've got to hand it to 45Sniper; his YouTube channel has put out some informative and entertaining videos. They're short, concise and extremely clear in their attention to detail.

This AR15 animation is no different. Watch this once or more times and you should easily and thoroughly understand just how an AR-15 operates.

Below is actually the first video he released of this two-video series, on the basic components of an AR15.

There are actually three additional animated videos in the series that delve into different functions of the gun:

  • Burst Fire
  • Select Fire/Fully Automatic
  • Gatling Gun Attachment

You can view these on 45Sniper's youtube channel.

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