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Video: Angler Uses DIY Lure Made From Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine's Day fishing lures
YouTube: TallFishermanJ

Who would've guessed a tacky necklace could actually land bass?

People generally love or hate Valentine's Day, depending on their dating situation. However, whether you have someone to spend it with or not, here's a way everyone can enjoy it.

YouTuber TallFishermanJ decided to turn the holiday into a fishing challenge, which is always right up our alley.

When he goes to Walmart, he's not sure what Valentine's Day decorations would actually work for a DIY fishing lure, but he's able to score some necklaces that spell "I LOVE YOU."

As you're about to see, he was set on having an actual challenge, as he passed up on some of the more obvious ribbon-style options that would almost surely work.

Watch the video clip below:

This isn't the first time a YouTube video creator has tried fishing with random objects to see if a fish would still bite.

Remember the time Aaron Wiebe used a fidget spinner, or the time he used his YouTube Silver Play Button Award to catch fish?

Anglers are almost always surprised by the results these DIY lures produce, though. The truth is, fish aren't looking that closely at the colors of your brand-new crankbait or the skirt on your topwater plug. They'll usually hit just about anything they see that's shiny or has a little action to it.

As a result, we get to see some pretty awesome fishing videos end with a shocking number of fish.

In this one, TallFishermanJ chopped up a cheap necklace to make it about the length of a worm, fashioned hooks on it, and threw it into a Florida pond where he knew there were bass.

He then had a fish hit it as soon as it touched the water! Sure, he had to finagle with his hooks a little, but once he sorted that out, it seemed as efficient as fishing with an actual worm.

Have you ever tried bass fishing with something you couldn't buy at a tackle shop?



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Video: Angler Uses DIY Lure Made From Valentine's Day Decorations