Flex Tape

Video: Alex Peric Puts Flex Tape to the Test

Can you really tape a boat back together with flex tape?

You may remember when YouTube fishing celebrity apbassing cut two huge holes in the bottom of an old Jon boat in order to test the miracle cure claims of the "As Seen on TV" product, Flex Seal.

We weren't too surprised when it didn't really work and the boat ended up sinking.

Now, Alex is testing the other big Flex Seal claim from the commercials. He's using the cousin product, Flex Tape, to put a sawed-in-half boat back together. This can't actually work, right?

Honestly, we were expecting the Flex Tape to be an even worse fix than the liquid-rubber Flex Seal. But it seems to have held up much better in this test. At the same time, the commercial's claim about the inside of the boat being "completely dry," is nothing more than a complete fabrication.

It begs the question exactly what they actually did do to the boat in the commercial. It looked so easy to apply the tape and fix the boat. Even sawing the boat in half looked easy in the commercials, but Alex and his friends quickly learned it wasn't.

If you had a small hole in your boat, you might be able to get away with this tape as a temporary fix. But as a miracle cure for a boat that is in two pieces? I think it's safe to say Peric has debunked these commercials.