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Old Jon Boat Turned Into Awesome Glass-Bottom Boat

This homemade glass-bottom boat is awesome!

We recently shared a video of YouTube fishing celebrity Alex Peric, aka apbassing, attempting to repair a huge hole in a boat using Flex Seal and window screens. This attempt failed quite spectacularly.

And now they have a Jon boat with two huge holes in it. Junk, right? Wrong, because now they're building it into a glass-bottom Jon boat! Yes, really.

Just watch to see how they made it and how well it actually performs.

They need to make a few small adjustments to fix a few leaks, but other than that, this glass-bottom Jon boat works to perfection. We have to admit, we were skeptical this would work after the failure of the Flex Seal fix, but this boat turned out awesome.

We see a lot of interesting homemade boat modifications here at Wide Open Spaces. Some are practical, and others not so much. But this glass-bottom boat just may be the coolest and most practical one we've ever seen. You obviously wouldn't want to use this in a lake or river filled with rocks or logs that could hit and damage the glass, but this would be awesome for small lakes and ponds. It could prove to be quite the advantage for any angler.

We can't wait to see Peric and his friends get out and give this some more testing.

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