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Video: A Herd of Elk Cause a Traffic Jam in Colorado

Elk Jam
Kelly Schwalbert/Facebook

You know you need a crossing guard when...

A herd of elk can be a formidable bunch, and when they feel the need to cross pavement, who are we to try to stop them.

The following cell phone footage, which shows a large group of elk jay walking Highway U.S. 36 between Boulder and Lyons, Colorado, is an astonishing sight to be seen.

Feast your eyes on an elk jam at its finest:

Elk crossing highway between Boulder and Lyons, Colorado

WHOA! Check out all these elk crossing U.S. 36 between Boulder and Lyons. Big thanks to Kelly Schwalbert for the video!

Posted by FOX31 on Monday, October 22, 2018

Who else spotted the bulls in that bunch? Keeping the ladies close and looking out for them no doubt.

If you have to get stuck in a traffic jam, we can definitely think of less exciting ones to sit still idling for.

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Video: A Herd of Elk Cause a Traffic Jam in Colorado