VIDEO: 3 Javelina Smoked with 1 Arrow, You Have Got to See This!

Dap from Pigman: The Series shows us his secret to laying down multiple pigs, or javelinas, with one shot.

3 javelina smoked with 1 archery shot. Sounds like a stretched story, doesn't it? But if you have watched Pigman's show before, you know that Dap lives for opportunities like this, and he often succeeds at it.

Head shots are his specialty, but he has a knack for getting multiple hogs or javelinas lined up on the corn line and laying them down. Single, double, or even a three-fer (as he likes to call it), just like this hunt here, no animal is safe.

You have got to see this slow motion video.

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If you have shot one pig, two pigs, and three pigs with one shot, why not go for a fourth, right? That seems to be exactly what Ol' Dap wants to do. And if you know Dap, you know he will definitely give it a valiant effort.

So... pigs, javelina, or any animal with a pulse... you have been warned.

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