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Veterinarians Find 19 Baby Pacifiers Inside Bulldog's Stomach

Foreign body surgery is the worst! Avoid this at all costs. When you find out your dog swallowed a toy, socks, rocks even or something worse you always cannot believe your ears when the vet tells you what they found on a digital X-ray!

If you clicked on this post because you couldn't believe the headline then check this out. 19 baby pacifiers aren't even the record! We wrote a story a year or two ago about a dog that ate 21 baby pacifiers!

Let's unpack this for you all! Fortunately, this dog didn't require surgery as they used a scope.

A Massachusetts veterinary hospital got quite a surprise when a family brought in their bulldog after he stopped eating. The Angell Animal Medical Center found 19 baby pacifiers in the dog's stomach.

ABC7 Chicago reported, 

"It started in April when the Wellesley family noticed that their 3-year-old dog, Mortimer, started getting nauseous before meals. His owner, Emily Shanahan, brought Mortimer to the vet, who prescribed medicine to take care of the issue.

But it didn't help and Mortimer eventually stopped eating entirely."

Luckily, Mortimer didn't need surgery as the pacifiers were removed with a medical scope.

The video has a digital X-ray which is crazy!

This dog had been stealing and eating pacifiers that fell on the floor.

The best practice here is to gate your dog out of the kitchen when you have little ones as you never know what kind of trouble they plan to get into!

Also, if you notice something is missing in large quantities then assume your dog is eating something they shouldn't be! Small children can drop all sorts of different objects. This family's urgency was addressed with medication for inappetence but I've learned that an ultrasound or X-ray sometimes is a necessary diagnostic if the medication doesn't cure their illness.

Vet surgeons have a lot of stories about what they've found in the bellies of pets. Everything from diamond rings to guitar strings.

Can you imagine how you'd feel as pet parents? Please leave a comment below. 

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