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PSA: Veterinary Hospital Warns About Potentially Dangerous Dog Chew

I've seen this when I worked at a clinic and while I was in vet tech school. I've also seen this almost happen with my own dogs on bones that are similar in shape!

The most important takeaway here is to always monitor anything your dog is chewing on whether it's a dog bone, toy or chew. I'm guilty of walking away for a few minutes knowing my dog has chewed on that treat or toy a million times.

The bone that is causing problems has a unique shape (a figure eight) and the chew is made by the brand, Benebone but it is a common design among this style of dental chew. This type of chew gets stuck on a dog's mandible and removing it as you can see from the below Facebook post is not easy for the most experienced veterinarian.

The Dublin Veterinary Hospital in Perkasie, Pennsylvania has issued a warning on Facebook about a particular type of dog toy or chew.

There are a number of very safe interactive dogs for your dogs that I've used for many years with all our hounds. Consider a Kong as these can be filled with food and treats (even frozen) and they will allow your dog to get their chewing instincts satisfied.

Pet owners should take this warning very seriously as this is a high maintenance surgery if it needs to be removed. This is just one animal hospital issuing a warning but I know many hospitals have run into this problem chew toy.

It is better to just stick to safe toys for our furry friends even if they're considered low tech. Some dogs have no issues with these types of chew toys but it absolutely can get stuck on their mandible! This should be categorized as a dangerous dog toy. If you have any questions about safe toys and chews, ask your vet!

Have you tried this bone with your dogs? Please let us know what we missed in the below comments. 

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