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Remember When: Feisty Goats Take Texas Police on Wild Chase Resisting Arrest

Do you remember when wild goats refused transport back to their farm? This happened almost two years ago!

Nicknamed Thelma and Louis, two farm animals led Kemah, Texas police on a wild goat chase.

Shelia Thorne called police this past weekend because her daughter's 4-H goats, Promise and Dunn, were nowhere to be found. With no signs of damage to the fence or gate, she was convinced someone had either stolen the animals or let them out of their enclosure as a prank. She was desperate to get them back, but there was also another concern regarding the runaways.

Officer Hinson told the local news station:

"The main thing is I know they like to ram people so I kept that in mind."

It's a good thing he did, because when the goats were spotted about a quarter-mile from their home, they weren't exactly willing to go back behind a fence. It took Thorne, her daughter, and two police officers to finally bring the goats to submission.


The feisty farm animals put on a good show of resisting arrest. Officer Hinson said;

"They didn't teach us that at the academy."

Armed with leashes, the group of goat herders finally managed to get the duo under control. They had a long and difficult walk back to the barn, but everyone ended up safe and sound. The Kemah Police Department posted on Facebook saying;

Early Sunday morning Officer Westburg and Sgt Hinson assisted a citizen in catching their escaped animals! Officers located the escapees but they refused transport! After the BAAAAAAAAD animals refused to go with officers they entered neGOATiations and the Officers were able to get them both home safely !! Great work guys! "

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They didn't hold back with those farm animal puns, and the local community has shown their support by congratulating the team. B Jan Butler commented:

"I love these guys, they are always there to help no matter the reason."

Keep up the good work, Kemah Police Department!

Wild animals don't always cooperate! Imagine trying to move a mountain goat off the mountain! It would take a lot of treats and a lot of muscle to carry them down. Hopefully, this first adventure was their only adventure!

What do you think of these goats gone wild? Let us know in the comments below. 

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