The United Kingdom Finalize 46-Point Plan Towards Zero Emissions By 2040

It's official: the United Kingdom is instituting rules and regulations to going zero emissions by 2040.

This week, the UK government finalized a 46-point  plan, called "Road to Zero,"  that expands on key programs and initiatives to move the country towards zero emissions vehicles and infrastructure adoption,  including but not limited to £246 million in funding for next-generation battery technology.

This plan is falling in line with the growing global push to cut down on gas-powered cars and ease up on greenhouse gases. Recently it was reported that Paris set a plan in motion to cut out all newly made gas-powered cars by 2030 and in Colorado the state passed a bill pushing electric cars.

Cities across the UK are heading to zero emissions within the next generation.

Cities across the UK are heading to zero emissions within the next generation.

Thinking Green

The zero emissions plan outlines ways to increase low carbon fuel supply redrafting insurance laws, convert a percentage of government car fleet to low emission, and bolster HGV greenhouse gas reduction programs. Other projects focus on joint research and target setting.

"The transition will mean fundamental changes to the global automotive market, worth over £1.5 trillion a year, and new opportunities for the UK," commented Chris Grayling, MP Secretary of State for Transport, regarding the plan.

First proposed by U.K. Environmental Secretary Michael Gove last year, initial proposals called for vehicles with less than a 50-mile all-electric range to be banned outright, which was denied by the Department for Transport.

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