Uber London is back

Uber London Operations Can Continue Per Court Ruling

Uber London operations are back up and running in the U.K. after a court ruling overturned a ban on the ride-sharing company.

Uber London operations have cleared a legal hurdle to be able to operate on city streets, this time across the pond in the UK. Uber had some of the same troubles in recent years with not being able to operate in Austin and Houston, and was banned in London until a judge overturned it this past Tuesday.

According to the BBC, the Uber London arm was granted a 15-month license, with some conditions attached. The ride-sharing company will have to provide regulators with results of reviews of safety every six months and update regulators about relevant policy changes.

Uber London operations are good to go for UK residents

Uber London operations are good to go for UK residents

Law Abiding Company

Transport for London (TFL) accused Uber of not taking enough responsibility among its corporate leadership when it came to public safety and security.  The two-day hearing in London ended with a ruling on Tuesday that Uber could operate once again in one of its most impacting cities to do business in. The 15-month arrangement will allow the company to "test out new arrangements," according to Judge Emma Arbuthnot.

London represents a huge market for Uber with more than 3.6 million using the app on a regular basis, along with 45,000 drivers in use.

One of the major updates the company will have to stay true to will be reporting serious incidents to the police rather than leaving them up to the riders and drivers. Plus, drivers will have to take at least six hours of rest after no more than 10 hours of work behind the wheel.

Additionally, the judge stated that Uber is now responsible for providing the proper training for its drivers to handle safety issues better, since the drivers are contract workers and not regular employees. This is a huge humble step for Uber, which is trying to right some wrongs following a string of scandals brought on by former CEO Travis Kalanick.

The new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, was been met with genuine approval by TFL and the judge overseeing the ruling after apologizing for the company's past "shoot first, ask later" mentality.

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