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Underwater Bass Footage Shows Fascinating Aggressive Gang Activity

This underwater footage of a school bass reveals a lot about their "mob mentality" behavior, with a violent display of gang activity below the surface.

When there's a school of monster largemouth hunting in a pack, their behavior tends to be slightly more aggressive as they're working together to lynch baitfish while still competing with each other for food sources. A pecking order takes place, and as one takes interest in a bait, all of them tend to follow suit.

Using a suspending jerkbait, each slight twitch entices their curiosity. The school is a mob of lunkers that most bass anglers would dream about stumbling upon while out on the water. Tactical Bassin' captured this footage while out on the lake tearing into the school of aggressive largemouth. Thankfully, they took a moment to stop fishing and submerge a camera beneath the water's surface to capture this amazing footage.

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