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Underwater Footage Shows Fish-Eye View of Jig Fishing For Bass


This fish-eye view of fishing jigs for bass gives insight into how bass react to movement.

If you aren't following Delano Fanony, aka "That Guy Skimpy" by subscribing to his YouTube channel, you're missing out. On top of his long list of how-to tutorials on rigging and creating injection-mold plastics in his backyard shed, he's developed his own method for collecting underwater footage by visually locating bass, then dropping down a camera on a buoy.

Fanony gives that spot a moment to rest and for the spooked fish to return, then targets those bass, filming their reactions to the bait.

This fish-eye view provides a lot of insight into how bass react to the action we give our presentations. While a jig may initially get bit on the fall by an aggressive fish, keeping that jig slowly dragging and tapping the bottom best imitates an easy meal of crawfish crawling along the bottom. Using a little finesse to keep your bait in the strike zone is key to increasing your success as an angler.

Sometimes it's difficult to know what's going on beneath the surface, leaving our presentation to the imagination. Innovations in technology have allowed us to study those presentations and remove a great deal of guesswork from the equation. Even if you don't have a waterproof camera of your own to observe the behavior and reaction of bass to our presentations, you can potentially get a lot of homework done by watching some of his videos.

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Underwater Footage Shows Fish-Eye View of Jig Fishing For Bass