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6 Underwater Fishing Cameras That Will Help Increase Your Angling Success

Underwater fishing cameras will help you learn more about the fish you target.

The use of underwater cameras is becoming more with anglers, especially with the ice fishing enthusiasts. No matter what your fishing experience level is, there are things you can learn about the species you target from watching them on the monitor that you cannot learn anywhere else. In some instances, they may be even more useful than a fish finder.

When these cameras systems first debuted, they were quite expensive and were limited in their features. For instance, many couldn't save the images they captured without a lot of extra gear. Fortunately, as camera technology has improved, so have fishing video cameras. Today's offerings are lighter, simpler to use and more affordable than ever.

Today we'll look at some of the best underwater fishing camera options on the market today. These products will help you probe the dark waters of your favorite fishing hole and will help you catch more fish than ever before.

Aqua-Vu AV715c

We'll start things out with a camera system that's perfect for multi-season applications. A long cable of 75 feet ensures you can see down into the depths and it feeds real-time images to a 7-inch color LCD monitor complete with screen protector. Adjustable settings allow you to change to an infrared led night vision setting for those early mornings or late evenings without spooking the fish. Included with this package is Aqua-Vu's MO-Pod 3 tripod system which positions the camera perfectly over a hole while ice fishing and allows you to pan around 360 degrees to see everything on the bottom. This system can easily be connected to a TV in a fish house for easier views and monitoring of your bait. It operates easily using a remote control too. The camera's housing is also modular to fit a variety of Aqua-Vu accessories including sonar unit attachments.

MarCum VS485C

This viewing system features 800 x 480 pixel resolution camera that feeds images into a 7-inch high definition color monitor with sun and snow shield. with adjustable brightness and contrast. MarCum offers the option to switch between a color and black and white picture depending on conditions for better visibility. This unit also features LED lights to help brighten up darker areas of the lake. It includes a 12-volt, 7-am rechargeable battery and a charger. This one gets solid reviews from users for its battery life and picture quality.


Many waterproof camera systems for fishing are large and bulky. This one is a little more compact and would be well suited for kayak fishing or other watercraft where space is at a premium. This one has a 5-inch high definition screen with 800 x 480 resolution. It has a 100-foot cable and the TVL camera has a 130-degree wide angle lens to help give the best view of what's going on beneath the surface. This camera has white and IR led lights. Included with this camera is an 8-gig DVR which allows you to record video and stills to share with friends and family later. This unit has excellent reviews on Amazon and comes at a cheaper price point than some other models, making it a hard deal to beat.

Eyoyo Portable 9-Inch

This is a good option if you are looking for a slightly cheaper camera option or if you want something with a larger display to help monitor your fishing line easier. This cam has a nine-inch TFT color monitor with adjustable light and IR for low light conditions. A sun visor helps you see the display during brighter conditions. This camera is powered by a 4500mA lithium battery which user reviews say help give the unit up to eight hours of battery life. TV out capabilities allow you to run this to a television in a fish house. This one also has DVR recording capabilities for anyone wanting to share their catches or for those looking to use footage for a YouTube channel. Eyoyo includes an 8GB micro SD card to help save your catches and transfer them to a computer later.

MarCum Recon 5

Another option for a smaller fish finder camera that won't totally break the bank. This camera has a CMOS sensor with dark water LED lights and infrared lighting for low light conditions. There is an option to disable the color for better visibility in certain conditions. The five-inch screen is comparable with that of an iPhone or Android smartphone screen. The cable is 50 feet long and it comes with a built-in sun shield and screen protector. The entire package fits into a soft red pack case that is padded to protect your investment. This one gets excellent reviews from users, some of whom say they got as much as eight hours of battery life during a long day on the ice.

Aqua-VU AV Micro II

If you are looking for small, compact, and budget-friendly, the AV Micro II is a good option. This camera has a super-small profile with a 3.5-inch LCD screen. The display is color and it also has IR lights for when things get dark. The camera has an auto-light sensing system, so it switches over to IR on its own once the light gets too low. The 50-foot cable helps ensure you can still get down to a decent depth to find the lunkers. This unit comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and USB charger. That sort of battery should give it more than enough juice for a full day of fishing. The price tag of just over $200 means that more anglers than ever can now probe the depths of their favorite fishing hole to find out what secrets lay beneath.

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