Ice Fishing Shack
YouTube: Rikkles Fisher

Amazing Ice Fishing Shack Looks Nicer Than an Apartment

This ice fishing house takes things to a whole new level!

As much as we love ice fishing, there are some things we don't enjoy about the experience. Namely the cold and winds that whip across a frozen lake in the dead of winter. When you're cold, it makes it harder to stay longer and catch more fish. Sure, you can get a pop-up ice fishing shelter, but those can only do so much to protect from the elements.

Some anglers take a DIY approach and build their own shanty. Some of these ice fishing huts can be quite crude depending on how good with tools the builder is. Then, there are the professional charters who put together extreme, high quality, portable ice fishing shelters like the one you're about to see.

Located on Gull Lake in Alberta, Canada, this is a heavy-duty, completely decked out winter fishing cabin on the lake. Just watch the video to see what we mean. This fish house is nicer than my first apartment inside!

We've seen some extreme ice fishing shacks before in places like Wisconsin and Minnesota, but it seems the Canadians are as crazy about their ice fishing gear as we are here in the states. This thing makes a tent shanty look shabby by comparison. That's a slick setup to use the underwater cameras to broadcast a continuous live view of the lake bottom to the inside of the shelter. That looks like a ton of fun to watch those walleye and pike come up and smack the lures.

Yes, we know that some people may feel something like this with propane heating, fishing rod holders, catch covers and a DVD player takes away from the fishing experience and getting outdoors. We get that, but darned if we don't want to try fishing out of one, just to say that we did.

Out of curiosity, we looked up the charter operation that rents this ice fishing shanty. The one in the video starts out at $420 a night for up to five guests on weekdays. On holidays and weekends, that goes up to $500 a night. Darn, we were almost ready to move into one of these things for the duration of winter!

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