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Um... That Wasn't There Before: New Island Forms Off Outer Banks Fishing Spot

new island
Chead Koczera/The Virginian-Pilot

Anglers are always keen on finding a new fishing spot, but a new island?

That's what has happened along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It seems that the new island, a sandbar, really, was just a "bump" back in April. Today, it's an island about a mile long and 300-feet wide.

Cape Point, where the island has formed, is known as a surf-fishing spot near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

Anglers have taken the new formation in stride. They're either working the shore closer to the beach or fishing from the new island. The giant sandbar has attracted all kinds of other attention, too. Many have found it to be rich with new seashells. That's why folks on social media have taken to calling it "Shelly Island."

The new island doesn't come without drawbacks, though. Reaching its shores is dangerous. A powerful flow of water rips between the point and the island. In addition, old fishing hooks and other sharp debris might have been churned up by the formation.

Then, there are the predators.

Sharks and stingrays have been spotted swimming the waters between the point and the sandbar. Many visitors are paddling boats to the new island.

While the formation of an island isn't something that happens every day, it is part of the character that is Cape Point. The point is about 100 acres of sand that is constantly changing. "Shelly Island" is just part of the changes.

Officials say the island could go away. Or, it could connect with the point, extending it further into the ocean, making fishing even better.


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Um... That Wasn't There Before: New Island Forms Off Outer Banks Fishing Spot