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North Carolina Couple Actually Wanted to Try These Homemade Shark Cages [VIDEO]

This couple watched Shark Week and thought to themselves, “We could definitely custom-fabricate those shark cages!”.

I don’t know where to start. My cheeks hurt from laughing at this ridiculous attempt to go diving with sharks. Watch as this couple braves the Outer Banks surf equipped with their personal shark-deterrent devices.

Incidentally, these cages can be broken down and reconfigured as a garden irrigation system when they get back from vacay. So many uses!

Let’s not forget the poor lifeguard. You’ve got to give him points for keeping his cool. What possible legitimate responses could this couple give that would make him be okay with this?

1. We’re on house arrest and thought this would be a way we could still get to the beach.
2. Shark cage? Oh no. We’re on our way to assemble the frame for our two-man sub.
3. We’ve actually never met each other. Since we’ve both been detained and share similar concerns about sea creatures, what’s your name?
4. SkyMall. What can we say?
5. Long story, but we both have restraining orders against each other and thought this would make a consensual trip to the beach legal.
6. If we made a cage out of steel, it would sink and we would drown. Duh.
7. Oddly enough, we’re doing field testing for a product we want to feature on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

Aside from not taking vertical cell phone video, what can we learn from this situation? That even if you’re not the only one doing something stupid, you’ll still look stupid?

I don’t know, but I do know what this lifeguard talked about when his shift was over.

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North Carolina Couple Actually Wanted to Try These Homemade Shark Cages [VIDEO]