Image via Lisa Taylor's Facebook Page

UK Mother Attacked by Media for Hunting Instead of Grocery Shopping

A mother in Surrey, UK has been whipping up a media frenzy lately over her social media feeds. She (gasp!) hunts to put meat on her table and posts the kills on Facebook and Instagram.

Tossing about claims of "Warning: Graphic Content!" and "boasting about the animals she has just killed," the UK media is quite up in arms over self-proclaimed "UK Huntress" Lisa Taylor.

Lisa Taylor, from Surrey, UK, uses her Facebook and Instagram feeds to proudly show animal kills that she has humanely made with high-tech gear or with Darla, her goshawk. She then unabashedly shares pictures of the meals she cooks from the animals - meals she feeds her family with. According to a post on her page, "I'm a girl who hunts and cooks. This is my way of meat shopping."

"Field to table in a couple hours!" From Lisa Taylor's Facebook page.

Her social media feeds show Lisa with a variety of harvested animals, including roe bucks, game birds, and... fox? A post by Lisa on her Facebook page notes, "The media have got it wrong that I eat fox! This is evidence that I humanely dispatch the foxes and butcher them for my female goshawk!" 

Lisa Taylor's Facebook Page is a great follow, full of enthusiasm and straight-up honesty about what she does. Lisa, a deer park manager, loves what she does and is proud to share. In an informal video interview (Lisa describes herself as "very nervous" during filming), she talks about falconry and the game she hunts, the gear she uses. Lisa also discusses how she deals with the media: she has learned to just stay quiet, take none of it personally, and just go with it, as everything she does is legal and above the board.

So head over to Lisa's Facebook page and give her the ol' "like and follow" - support a proud woman who supports her family with game she has harvested and processed herself. Show her that even though she may be "across the pond" from many readers, we're all in this one together - and the negative media can't break that bond!