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British Shooting Star Rachel Carrie Responds to Anti’s Threats

Daily Mail/UK

International game shooter Rachel Carrie refuses to let ‘keyboard warriors’ bully her into stopping her lifelong passion despite her family being threatened.

Top game shooter for Great Britain, Rachel Carrie, is used to stalking game in their natural habitat, but the international competitor has said that as a result of her sport she has received abuse online, according to reports.

The 30-year-old, who has represented Great Britain in international competition and was called up for 2014’s Commonwealth Games, explained that she hasn’t done anything wrong other than to offend anti-bloodsport communities.

In efforts to get her to give up her sport, internet bullies have resorted to threatening her family, but instead of reporting them to the police she is using her presence on social media sites as a way of educating the masses by sending out lengthy replies to her online abusers.

I believe they are ignorant and fearful of what they don’t understand. I would prefer to try to educate people on the hows and whys of hunting first, but if the day comes when I feel genuinely under threat I wouldn’t hesitate.

Undeterred by the negative response her sport receives she admits she won’t be stopping any time soon firmly believing that hunting is a part of a person’s DNA.

Humans have hunted for millions of years, but our society is now so disconnected from nature that we forget that. Life is convenient, industrialized, urbanized, digitized and people seem to think meat comes from a supermarket aisle, where it could have been stuffed with growth hormones.

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British Shooting Star Rachel Carrie Responds to Anti’s Threats