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U.S. Military Gets Permission to Shoot Down Drones That Wander Too Close to Bases

Military can now take out drones over bases.

As the use of drones becomes more and more popular, they bring up all sorts of security concerns for sensitive areas like military bases.

As it turns out, an order from the Pentagon went into effect back in July that now gives bases permission to shoot down or capture drones that wander too close to a military installation. Newsy has more in the video below.

Despite it being illegal to fly unmanned aerial vehicles near sensitive areas like military bases or airports, the incidents just keep happening. And with drone use becoming more popular than ever, it's no surprise the military would take action to protect airspace near their bases at some point.

The details of the new policy are mostly classified, but is meant for drones the base deems a threat. The policy affects 130 bases across the country.

The surge of drone usage has also led to the invention of a new industry; drone defense. This has led to a slew of new products including a drone defense cannon and specialty shotgun shells.

There's even a company in the Netherlands that specializes in training bald eagles to use their predatory instincts to snatch the devices right out of the sky!

As long as drones continue to surge in popularity, we probably haven't heard the last about the military taking action to protect the secrets of their bases.