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Netherlands Set to Deploy Eagles as Defense Tactic Against Drones


The Netherlands becomes the first country to deploy a drone defense force composed of eagles. 

Illegal use of drones has led to the creation of a whole new industry: protection against unauthorized unmanned aerial vehicles. While a variety of high-tech gadgets are being invented to take down unauthorized drones, police in Holland are looking to employ nature in the fight. They’re about to start using a team of eagles for drone defense. Yes, you read that correctly.

This announcement makes the Netherlands the first country to use birds as a defense tactic.  Believe it or not, there’s actually a company called Guard From Above that has formed specifically to supply eagles for drone defense.

“The animal instinct of a bird of prey is unique. They are made to be able to overpower fast-moving prey. Sometimes, the solution to a hypermodern problem is more obvious than you might think.” That’s taken from the FAQ section of the Guard From Above website.

You can see an example of just how an eagle takes out a drone in one of the company’s demonstration videos below.

As you can see, the drone stands no chance against these awesome birds of prey!

For now, Netherlands will be using eagles trained by Guard From Above until four sea eagle chicks, purchased by Dutch authorities and hatched five months ago, are mature and also trained for defense.

There have been some concerns about the safety of the animals, but authorities aren’t worried.

“None of the eagles were hurt, but as for the drones, none of them survived,” police spokesman Dennis Janus told reporters. “The eagles see the drones as prey and intercept them as they are flying, before landing where they feel safe with the drone still in their claws.”

It may sound like a crazy idea, but judging by the fact that 100 officers are expected to receive eagle-related training, it’s clear the Dutch are taking it quite seriously.


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Netherlands Set to Deploy Eagles as Defense Tactic Against Drones