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British Engineers Build Crazy, High-Tech Drone Defense Cannon

drone defense cannon

British engineers have built the first weapon for use exclusively against drones. 

With drones seeing a huge surge in use worldwide, some are being used for illegal purposes. It was probably only a matter of time before someone built a weapon catered towards defending against threats from illegal drone use.

Some British engineers have delivered a device to not only neutralize drones, but capture them! Check out the unbelievably futuristic tech behind the Sky Wall 100 drone defense cannon!

This drone defense cannon looks more like something James Bond would utilize in a movie than a real security device. But this cannon was built by Open Works Engineering and according to the video's description, they are already working with government agencies world wide and the devices could soon see widespread use.

It may seem like overkill, but for high-security areas like airports where drone incidents are now happening more often, it may be a necessity. It is a pretty ingenious design to take one down with minimal damage for evidence gathering.


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British Engineers Build Crazy, High-Tech Drone Defense Cannon