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Bowhunter Makes 2-Yard Shot on Moose in Wild Alaskan Hunt

Bowhunting is always tough, but bowhunting Alaska is a whole different beast. It's a huge state with tons of real estate to cover if you're looking for a trophy moose. If that wasn't enough, the weather conditions rarely cooperate, making the task at hand that much harder. Such was the case when these hunters headed deep into the backcountry in pursuit of a bull. After a cold, miserable night in a tent that is thoroughly soaked through, they spot a nice bull. The only problem is there's a huge river between them and the bull. They decide to put together a spot and stalk and once they are close enough, they begin a calling and antler raking sequence. The bull still won't move, so Trevor starts shaking an alder bush to simulate an angry bull. This is what finally sells the illusion of a rival bull.

The giant bull walks in on a string and comes right through the brush until it is only about two yards away from Trevor. With the bull this close, the margin for error is slim. Fortunately, Trevor makes a perfect shot on the giant moose and the animal doesn't make it very far before dropping.

The nature of that camera angle made the shot look a little further away, but there's no questioning that was a close one. In a situation like this, missing simply isn't an option, because a full-grown bull can do a heck of a lot of damage to a human if it decides to charge. Fortunately, Trevor stayed calm and made a perfect shot, even at a not-so great angle. The bull didn't go very far either.

It seems their calling worked a little too well for this hunt. Of course, in an ideal scenario you won't be in a situation where a bull gets this close, but you also need to be prepared for anything hunting. Wild things like this can happen when you least expect it!

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