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Moose Hunter Drops Giant 72" Bull at 775 Yards With a Single Shot

This Alaskan bush pilot got it done on a true giant of a bull.

For many people, an Alaskan moose hunt is the ultimate bucket list trip. There are few places left in America where you can truly get away from it all and get up close and personal with some of the largest bulls on Earth. A hunt for one of these beasts can be the ultimate challenge for the hunter who has otherwise done it all.

Adam, an Alaskan bush pilot, decides to take on the challenge of hunting one of these giants solo. It does not take him long to locate a true giant. This bull's antlers have an approximately 72-inch spread, making it the animal of a lifetime.

The bull is standing at extreme long range, 775 yards to be exact. Amazingly, he downs the monster moose with just one well-placed shot. This may be the single most impressive solo hunt we have ever seen.

That was one of the most amazing shots we have ever seen here at Wide Open Spaces. That bull went down like a sack of potatoes on that shot. We love that the camera caught the trail of the bullet as it was travelling. It puts into perspective how high he had to hold to put this shot on target and bring this bull down. Our hat is off to Adam for his skills in calculating the shot.

This large, old bull was the perfect one to take out of the herd too. An incredibly impressive animal, but also likely one that is starting to get past his prime. It is always good to see an animal of this magnitude go down so cleanly, and to see that none of it is going to waste.

The only thing we do not envy is that recovery effort, which had to be extremely tasking on his own. Even before moving the plane into a closer position. After all, 500 pounds is a LOT of meat to be taking out of the backcountry!

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