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Bull Moose Gives Bowhunter a Perfect Shot

Bull Moose
YouTube: David Hunter

This moose hunt is a bowhunter's dream come true.

There is no question about it, bowhunting is the most thrilling form of hunting one can partake in every season. There is something that is inherently more satisfying about bagging a big game animal with a stick and string. Especially a large animal like a moose.

Today's hunting video from YouTuber David Hunter showcases just one such hunt. We're not sure where this hunt is taking place, but this is as up close and personal as it gets in the bowhunting world.

If this hunt does not get you pumped for hunting season in your area, nothing will.

That's a shot you don't want to miss when the range is that close. This is also why you always bring at least one buddy with you as backup while moose hunting. To watch your back when there's an encounter like this.

It simply does not get much more exciting than a giant bull moose crashing through the dense brush sounding more like the T-Rex from Jurassic Park than a member of the deer family. There is no mistaking what is heading your way in a situation like this. That just makes the hunt even more memorable. To top it off, this guy places a great shot. It does not get a full pass-through, but the shot is more than enough to get the job done.

We got a small adrenaline rush just from watching this, we can only imagine what it was like for the guy who was holding the bow in this scenario. Talk about a memory that will last a lifetime!

The only part we don't envy? Cutting up and packing out that giant bull from such a dense area. It had to be a chore and a workout. That part probably wasn't a lot of fun, but that full freezer likely kept his family fed for months on end, which is what it's all about in the end.

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Bull Moose Gives Bowhunter a Perfect Shot