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Is a Two-Toned Car Headed for Your Garage?

Two-toned cars were a thing of the past. Can they make a comeback?

Now that we think about it, car paint jobs have made our roads and parking lots look like something out of a dystopian movie like in Equilibrium or Tron: Legacy. Monochromatic cars are stuck in traffic and kind of blend together after a while. Well, seeing this opportunity to get a little creative, Toyota is opting to take a two-toned car approach to its new models, hopefully bringing a trend with it.

We're not calling on all new cars to wild out with whacky color patterns, but this new look as seen on the new 2019 Toyota RAV4 is pretty damn refreshing. Debuting the look at the New York Auto Show last week, the compact SUV—which took top honors as the nation's most popular SUV last year—is a two-toned car with white or black contrasting roof coloring.


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This sparked a trend as we had hoped as the new Hyundai Genesis followed up with a pretty slick concept car that comes with the choice of metallic gray on the body and glossy black down the hood. Land Rover has already been doing its two-toned car thing for a while, but Toyota is a brand a lot of people—like, a lot of people—can get behind.

Robotic Retrofitting

Why the move to be less drab? Well, besides giving the people what they want, it's actually somewhat easier for automobile factories to do this. Robots are responsible for adding paint to new cars coming down the line making it more efficient and easier to create two-toned cars. This shift is more about customization, something the average consumer is now valuing in an age where cars seem to be on the verge of not being a necessity (thanks, Uber).

Two-toned cars also harken back to an age of Americana with classic cars from the 50's and 60's that sported pastels colors mixed with white, and white-wall tires. Have you seen the cars in GoodFellas? Class on wheels.

When it comes to the RAV4, Toyota is aiming to add a more personalized approach to its most popular SUV. The two-toned option adds an outdoorsy and adventurous feel, transparently targeting a younger, more active audience.

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