Watch: Two-Legged Pedro the Turtle Saved with Lego Wheelchair

Vets these days need to get creative to save the animals and pet we love! This is likely one of the best examples I've seen and the video shows how well this pet turtle moves around now. This is amazing!

A press release issued by LSU states that Pedro the turtle has learned to roll with it, thanks to the zoological medicine service at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine's Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

The press release tells us how Pedro lost both legs! When Pedro, an adult male box turtle, was adopted by his owners, he was missing one of his back legs. But after recently escaping from his outdoor enclosure, he was missing the other rear leg.

"Unfortunately, several months ago, he escaped. His owners hadn't seen him for several months. Then when he finally returned, he was missing the last back leg now," said Kelly Rockwell, DVM, a zoological medicine intern in the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Nothing else was wrong with Pedro medically.

He just needed his mobility back! So the LSU vets decided to use a Lego car kit!

Rockwell and LSU veterinary student Sarah Mercer came up with the best way to attach the wheels to Pedro.

"We had the whole zoo med service and all of the students helping. We had to make the axles long enough to fit his body. We also made it so they could come off to clean Pedro. We had to try a couple of things to fit him. We used epoxy to attach Pedro. The same epoxy that's used on horseshoes," Rockwell said.

How cool is this? The vets said he adjusted right away and gets around with no problem. Go, Pedro!

You just need a vet that's a little bit like Macgyver. The average box turtle probably wouldn't have been lucky enough to see some of the finest vets at LSU but its these great medical puzzles that keep everyone on their toes!

This sweet little rig is now an idea that can be embraced by others for turtles that need help. Thanks to Lego for making Lego sets that can be converted into lego wheelchairs.

There is nothing more satisfying than watching this turtle get around so easily and we're positive the zoological interns loved this case. You just need a different perspective when considering how to help animals and this specific case should be shared on social media so this patient of Louisiana State University is celebrated. These photos of a turtle will make someone's day and may give other veterinarians some ideas.

What is the age of the oldest pet you've ever lived with? Please leave us a comment below! 

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