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Turkey Hunting Checklist: 20+ Essential Items for 2018

turkey hunting products 2018 best new

As turkey hunting season struts closer, it may be time to upgrade some of that gobbler gear.

Turkey hunting season is one of the most exciting times for many hunters across the nation. Many sportsmen use turkey hunting season to pass the time until deer season, some are die-hard gobbler chasers, and some have never experienced the excitement of calling in and successfully harvesting a tom.

Some have a tight budget and some love to spend that tax refund check to restock their turkey supplies. No matter what part of the spectrum you are on or what drives you to hunt the thunder chickens, here is a list of a variety of turkey hunting gear you can use this year.

Turkey Calls

Woodhaven Friction Calls

turkey hunting gear 2018
Woodhaven Custom Calls

Owning a quality friction call is key to fooling that old, wise tom that you're the hen of his choice. Woodhaven has a new 2018 Ninja line, which includes the Ninja Crystal, Anodized Ninja Slate and the Ninja Hen.

Woodhaven has been a favorite of avid turkey hunters in the woods for some time. Their products consistently offer quality design and impeccable sound, and that's why you'll see them in the vests of a lot of turkey hunters this spring.

Woodhaven Mouth Calls: $38.99 via Cabela's

Woodhaven custom calls turkey hunting gear 2018

Woodhaven Custom Calls has also included mouth calls in their Ninja line. From those soft, early-morning tree calls to the hard cutting and yelping of wild turkey hens, these calls do it all. 

Tall Timber Gabriel Box Call: $52.49 via Cabelas


A little more budget-friendly and still a great-sounding box call, the Tall Timber Gabriel from Primos has a great deal of history surrounding the design and the name. It's made of sapele and purpleheart wood and produces a quality sound.


Avian-X Turkey Decoys

Midway USA

Avian-X turkey decoys are also favorites among turkey hunters, but on the high end of the price spectrum. The Lifelike Collapsable Design is extremely lifelike and very portable. These turkey decoys incorporate the highest-quality feather detail ever created in the decoy world. Right out of the box, you'll see a paint scheme to match the natural reflective feathers of a real hen or jake. The slightest winds make the Avian-X decoys move, making these a go-to hunting favorite when drawing in that big ol' Tom.

Primos Gobbstopper Turkey Decoy Combo $39.99 via Cabela's


If you're on a little bit tighter of a budget, the Primos Gobbstopper Turkey Decoy Combo is a great setup for a fair price. This combo is available at Cabela's for just under $40 and is a great way to get you started in the turkey woods.


Primos Double Bull Surround View 270 Ground Blind $399 via Cabela's


The talk of the 2018 ATA Show, the Double Bull Surround View blind by Primos has see-through walls so you can see those turkeys coming from any angle.

That sounds a lot more basic than the technology really is, but this blind is the sort of "see it and you'll believe it" advantage that's critical while hunting turkeys. If they can see you, or anything that seems out of place, they're not going to give you the shot you need.

Cut 'N' Run Rhino Hunting Blinds $89.99

rhino blinds turkey gear essentials 2018
Rhino Blinds

For the quick setup and those looking to save a little in the blind department, Rhino Blinds has a Cut 'n Run model with two walls and windows that efficiently fold down into a portable carrying case. Available in Mossy Oak and Predator camouflage, this quick, simple setup is ideal for the turkey hunter on the go.


Tenzing TZ TR18 Turkey Vest $219


This Tenzing vest is loaded with specialized, strategically-located pockets that provide quiet and efficient access to all your calls and shells. The pack/vest is the lightest to ever hit the Tenzing shelves and weighs a total of 5 pounds, 4 ounces.

The pack features detachable pockets, adjustable spring-loaded aluminum legs, and a dual-layer foam seat. What makes this nice is if you don't have a tree to sit up against, the legs can support you for that motionless sit that's a must against the turkey eye. 

NOMAD Mg Turkey Vest $129

nomad turkey vest hunting 2018
NOMAD Outdoors

The NOMAD Mg Turkey Vest provides great organization of your gear and the kind of mobility needed while on a hunt. It was created with the utmost respect for America's most famous game bird, with its name referring to the initials of the scientific name Meleagris gallopavo, otherwise known as the wild turkey.

Primos Gobbler Vest $76 via Amazon

primos vest turkey hunting gear 2018

A vest that's slightly easier on the wallet, the Primos Gobbler Vest is a great way to keep your gear organized, plus a few extras. It features a flip-down lounge seat, two silent pot call pockets, a cell phone pocket, a hydration bladder pocket, and a decoy stake pocket.


Sitka Gear Ascent Series in Subalpine

Sitka Gear

If you're looking to upgrade your spring turkey hunting wardrobe in 2018, the Sitka Gear Ascent series may be something worth looking into.

Ideal for hot-weather hunting pursuits in the mountains, the Ascent collection from Sitka is lightweight, breathable and quick-drying. The Mountain Pant specializes in moving fast in the mid and late seasons. The Ascent Gloves and Gaitor provide complete concealment, and even though the system is meant for big game, it's going to stack up in the turkey woods against anything else there is. 

ElimiTick Insect Repellent Ultra-Lite Pant and Shirt in Mossy Oak Obsession

Elimitick mossy oak turkey gear apparel 2018

We found the ElimiTick pants last year while turkey hunting in Kansas, as the hunting guide swore by both the pants and shirt. The gear features a built-in tick and bug repellent, all woven into the fabric. Basically, you put these on and you worry about hunting, not ticks!

hunting turkey season 2018 gear

X JAGD Net Wear

For the most part, temperatures during turkey season can range from mild to downright hot, and as such, X JAGD's Net camouflage can be worn over any clothing to provide complete concealment without body heat retention. The X JAGD line of Net clothing includes the Jacket, Cape, Pants, Balaclava and Gloves. The material is lightweight, and the best part is that it doesn't produce any noise when you move.

snake proof rubber boots turkey hunting 2018

Cabela's Men's Snakeproof Rubber Boots $109 via Cabela's

If keeping your feet dry and comfortable are just as important as keeping your body protected from snake bites, you may want to look into the new Cabela's Snakeproof Rubber Boots. You can give yourself a little piece of mind when hunting in snake country with these bad boys. The snake-resistant rubber and shaft material protect you from any snake bite you might come across. The 5mm neoprene lining locks out moisture to keep your feet dry while the rubber outsoles provide traction for sure footing.


rage broadhead turkey hunting gear 2018

Rage X-Treme Four-Blade Broadhead $29 via Cabela's

New for 2018 the Rage Xtreme Four-Blade Broadhead. This bad boy is designed to cut on contact while leaving a massive 2.3-inch wound channel. This broadhead features an anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule with the expanding two-blade rear deploying blades Rage is known for. This broadhead follows the same rules for accuracy as all the other Rage broadheads and will be a deadly combination in the turkey woods this season.

muzzy trocar turkey broadhead 2018

Muzzy Trocar HB $31 via Amazon

Muzzy Broadheads have always been a bowhunters favorite. Their Trocar HB is no different, especially when it comes to turkey hunting. The Hybrid, fixed blade with expandable blades create a large wound channel that can really put a hurting on a big tom this spring. Accurate, efficient and strong is what you get with the Muzzy Broadheads, and their Trocar HB is no different.

NAP Swingfire turkey broadhead 2018
New Archery Products

NAP Killzone Swingfire $37 via Amazon

The Killzone Swingfire is a mechanical broadhead designed to be a penetrating and large-diameter-cutting broadhead. The independent, pivoting motion of the blades reduces friction loss as the broadhead passes through an animal. The rear deploying head cuts a massive 2-inch entrance hole, and will put a hole through a turkey that you wouldn't believe.


shotgun shell turkey 2018
Federal Ammunition

Federal 3rd Degree with HEAVYWEIGHT TSS $16 via Cabela's

Rather than simply pattern tightly like conventional loads, 3rd Degree uses a three-stage payload consisting of No. 5 copper-plated lead, No. 6 FLITESTOPPER® lead and now No. 7 HEAVYWEIGHT® TSS shot to deliver larger, more forgiving patterns at close range, while still providing deadly performance at long distance. The 3rd Degree with Heavyweight TSS also features the Flitecontrol Flex wad, which works in all standard and ported turkey chokes and maximizes the flight characteristics of all three shot types. Basically, this is the only turkey load you need for up-close and long-distance shots.


turkey hunting shotshell 2018 grand slam
Federal Ammunition

Federal Premium Grand Slam $12 via Cabela's

The Federal Premium Grand Slam is a shotshell designed to extend your range. It's FLITECONTROL FLEX™ wad system works in both standard and ported turkey chokes. The shot opens from the rear for a controlled release of the payload which helps with creating consistent patterns.

choke tube 2018 turkey hunting

HeadBanger Long-Range Choke Tube $44 via Amazon

A fan favorite to the turkey hunters looking for that consistent, tight pattern. This choke tube has the ultimate pattern at even the longest distances. Rated for HEVI?SHOT®, Winchester®, Long Beard XR™, Federal Premium® 3rd Degree™ and other high-performance turkey loads. If you're looking for that choke tube that's easy to pattern and provides consistency, look no further.


encore turkey hunting 2018
Thompson Center

Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter Turkey $892 via Thompson Center

You can go wrong with a trusted brand and a reliable single-shot 12- or 20-gauge shotgun. The Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter has a T/C Extra Full Turkey Choke that will keep you on target. The best part about the Thompson Center Encore is after turkey season, you can easily switch it to a rifle or muzzleloader barrel for your next hunt.

870 turkey gun

Remington Model 870 SPS Super Mag Turkey Pump-Action Shotgun $449 via Cabela's

Who doesn't love a good ol' Remington Model 870? Most hunters already own one of these, and while it may not be in the SPS ShurShot Turkey, it will work just as well. Inexpensive yet reliable, the Remington 870 Pump-Action shotgun in conjunction with a great turkey choke can knock down any bird.

Insect and Tick Repellent

tick repellent 2018 turkey hunting gear
Sportsman's Guide

BioShield Spray 8oz $7 via Sportsman's Guide

BioShield is an all-natural, DEET-free repellent that will keep ticks, mosquitos, fleas, and bed bugs away with no problem. It's safe for everyone including your children and pets, and developed by pharmacists with a prescription strength. The NeuroRX blocks octopamine, which in simple terms, makes ticks and insects lose their mind.

tick repellent turkey hunting gear 2018
Lethal Products

Bug and Tick Repellent by Lethal Products 2oz $7.49 via Lethal Products

This product provides 12-hour protection from mosquitoes and ticks. It also repels biting flies, stable flies, black flies, gnats, chiggers, sand flies and Scottish biting midges for up to eight hours. It comes in a 2oz bottle, so it's barely even noticeable in your pack.

thermacell turkey hunting 2018

Thermacell MR-450 Portable Mosquito Repeller $30 via Amazon

Scent free and DEET-free, the Thermacell mosquito repeller is a great alternative to sprays and lotions. It's portable, lightweight and with its newly redesigned on/off switch, the unit operates very quietly. This is idea for the turkey hunter heading to the swamp area or anywhere the bugs might be thick.


tactacam solo turkey hunting gear 2018

Tactacam Solo Bow and Gun Mount $199 via Tactacam

A hands-free way to capture your hunt on Ultra-HD. The Tactacam Solo attaches to your weapon with an easy one push on/off button. The Tactacam Solo has a 3x zoom and records quality audio and Ultra-HD video, making it a great way to relive the experience over and over.

redhead remote strut turkey gen 2 turkey hunting 2018

RedHead Remote Strut Turkey Stake Gen-2 $49.99 via BassPro

Make your turkey decoy come alive with the RedHead Remote Strute Turkey Stake Gen-2. This remote-controlled, motorized stake system rotates any hollow-bodied decoy at the perfect speed clockwise, then counterclockwise, just like a real gobbler displaying for hens. You may see it as an extra, but that little bit of movement may be just what that old tom needs to make his move.

trophy tom turkey reaping 2018

Avian-X Trophy Tom $79 via Cabela's

We kept the Avian-X Trophy Tom separate from the decoy section only to show you the double-sided purpose of this decoy. The Avian-X Trophy Tom is a two-dimensional showpiece that allows you to attach your trophy bird's beard and fan to it and use it to showcase your trophy. Basically, it's a simple way to mount your bird without the expense of a taxidermist. It's one of a kind too, as this setup actually has a handle in the back of it that allows you to hold onto it for those who love reaping turkeys. The stake is an added bonus as well, as you can simply use this as a strutting turkey decoy and not just as a reaping decoy. All in all, you can mount your trophy bird and then put it to use every spring with the Avian-X Trophy Tom.

morrell turkey hunting target 2018

Morrell Halfback Turkey Combo Broadhead/Field Point Target $102 via Amazon

Shooting a turkey with a bow can be very difficult. Having a turkey target, rather than circles, can help guide you when the time comes to aim it in the right spot. Not only does the Morrell Halfback Turkey Target help with that, but it can withstand broadheads and field points. This is crucial to ensuring your broadheads are tuned and ready for the hunt. The self-healing foam is 100-percent weatherproof and can withstand several shots, all while allowing easy removal of your arrows.

quietkat turkey hunting 2018

Quietkat Electric Off Road Bike Starting at $2199 via Quietkat

Of course, this may not be an essential tool for turkey hunting, but it's quite the game changer. Too many times we've messed up in the turkey woods or heard a tom head in the complete opposite direction. Where trucks and ATVs can't go, the Quietkat can. The strong, powerful motor can get you moving at speeds well over 20 mph. Batteries last over 18 miles on one charge and can last longer on pedal assist mode. Use it to go to the office on Friday morning, cover a ton of ground in complete silence locating a bird on the roost Friday night, then sneak in Saturday morning and capitalize. Quietkat also offers financing for payments as low as $52 per month.

tactical spur turkey hunting scope nikon gear 2018

Nikon P-Tactical Spur $219 via Optics Planet

For those who love the red-dot, reflex sights for your turkey gun, Nikon has released new for 2018 their P-Tactical Spur. With a 3 MOA red dot, long battery life and extensive list of features, the SPUR is an ideal optic for the turkey hunter. It's simple to sight in, simple to use and features a wide field of view with a 1x magnification for enhanced target acquisition speed. It also comes with a Picatinny tail mount and a five-year warranty.

turkey target 2018 pattern gun

Orange Peel Patterning Turkey Target from Caldwell $18 from Amazon

As we all know, patterning your turkey gun is very important when it comes to turkey hunting. These high-resolution turkey targets are a great way to pattern your gun and see just how well you did. The best part is you can see where you hit, as the ON and OFF target has a colorful display for hits on bullseye and off. Hits in the bullseye explode in neon green and hits outside the bullseye explode in white for instant feedback when patterning your shotgun.

thermaseat turkey hunting seat gear 2018

Thermaseat D-Wedge Series $65 via Amazon

The D-Wedge (double-wedge) Series puts a wedge cushion beneath you and behind you. This extremely comfortable setup is the best position to sit comfortably and motionless for long periods, making it an ideal turkey hunting seat. If you're looking for that extra comfort to help you sit motionless for a little longer in extreme comfort, be sure to check one of these out.

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Posted by Bowsnatcher on Friday, January 12, 2018

Bowsnatcher $69 via Bowsnatcher

This is a really cool tool for the turkey hunter who is quick on his feet, running and gunning after some birds. The Bowsnatcher can attach to your pack or clip onto your belt, and it can hold your bow or gun accordingly. This can be done in a split second, making it different than a backpack with straps, as there's no removing of the backpack to get the bow or gun on or off. A quick, simple, no-look pass to the back, and you have yourself a personal weapon caddy.

Yeti Rambler turkey hunting gear 2018

Yeti Rambler Bottle 36oz $39 via Amazon

When you're out running and gunning in the warmer weather, things can heat up quickly. A Yeti Rambler can provide you with plenty of water and ice for a morning and keep you hydrated throughout the hunt. If you're a coffee addict, make this your new thermos and load it with coffee. Whether it's hot or cold, the Yeti Rambler can keep your liquids at the right temperature for a long time.

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