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Here’s Your Quick Pattern Testing Refresher Course

pattern shotgun refresher test

Be sure to pattern your gun before you head out to the pond or field this season.

You wouldn’t go deer hunting without sighting in your bow or rifle. It’s just as important to pattern your shotgun. To gain the desired results, you want to find the combination that holds the most repeatable performance.

Finding your guns point of impact, or POI, is the first step to establishing a pattern. Many times people believe that the gun will shoot where you point and that is not true. You must pattern each gun, with each choke and each shot shell that you use as every variable can change the results.

The video below is a quick reminder to showing the difference in two different brand shotgun shells. The guy in the video explains the difference in how he chooses which shell he will hunt with for duck season and why.

He uses a target that splatters when hit, therefore it’s extremely visible where he is hitting. He shoots at a distance of approximately 30 feet and explains his results.

Both shots for him were great however, the results show just how there can be a difference between even two different shotgun shells.

Many seasoned hunters are usually aware of this and many of you are religiously patterning your gun before you head out. We all know the importance of making a clean kill and good shot, but sometimes we just need a refresher and reminder.

As always, the more you practice the better off you will be. Spend the time making the mistakes and finalizing any changes that need to occur at the range to ensure a confident, accurate you, as you head out on your next hunt.

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Here’s Your Quick Pattern Testing Refresher Course