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Turkey Hunter's Botched Decoy Shot Doesn't Cost Him a Bird

When you're bowhunting turkeys and your first arrow hits the decoy, you had better be ready with the second.

This hunter was hunting Gould's Turkey down Mexico way when this freak occurrence happened. He looked to have an open shot on a nice gobbler that had little on its mind but his hen decoy.

The thing is, he had a ground dusting decoy and another full-strut Tom decoy in the setup as well. With his full repertoire of decoys out in front of him and within about 20 yards, that big Tom had only one thing on his mind, and it wasn't considration for the bowhunter hiding in the blind nearby.

Only the guy's first shot didn't exactly hit the right bird...

Here's what happens when you have ice water in your veins (or maybe just a little luck).

It looked as if the hunter was in an area of the blind that caused his first arrow to take a deflection off of the center stanchion. After some good-natured chuckling, he managed to notch another arrow, and then un-notch that gobbler's head!

According to the Beauty of Birds, "The Gould's Wild Turkey is the largest of the 5 subspecies and resembles the Merriam's turkey. They have longer legs, larger feet and larger center tail feathers than any of the other wild turkey subspecies in North America" and that "This turkey is the fifth recognized, but least known, wild turkey subspecies, and is found in portions of Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Mexico."

And like every other turkey, if you can fool them with a great setup like this, then you are almost guaranteed to have an early Thanksgiving Dinner!

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