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No Big Deal, Just Shooting a 20mm Through the Window of my Lambo

gun stunt

Would you be crazy enough to take this shot?!

The internet is filled with crazy gun stunts. But when this one came across our screen, we just had to share. Let me set the stage: take one Lamborghini and park it in the desert (oh, make sure the windows are open!), set up a badass 20mm on a tripod, and place a watermelon as your target way off in the distance. One other thing. You might want to cross your fingers and say a prayer.

It did cross our mind whether this might be a rented Lambo from the strip in Vegas. And as some commenters eloquently pointed out, what's with the crummy cardboard boxes used for tripod support?

Let it rip, bud:

Pretty foolish if you ask us, but hey, that watermelon explosion was kind of cool.

Things people do when they have too much money. Sigh.

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No Big Deal, Just Shooting a 20mm Through the Window of my Lambo