Highlights from Our West Texas Turkey Hunt


Good people, good country, and some good West Texas turkey hunting.

Spring turkey season is one of the best times of the year for avid hunters. It's a welcome re-entry to hunting game birds after a long and hopefully productive fall season, and it introduces the kind of turkey behavior we wait for all year long.

This year, we were lucky enough to schedule a trip with some great folks who work with fantastic outdoor companies, and ended up having what might be the most unbeatable turkey hunting trip.

Can-Am and Birchwood Casey had a few things they wanted us to see, so we scheduled a trip to West Texas to see if we couldn't coincide checking out some gear with a little turkey hunting. Boy did we ever meet those goals...

Check out the video above, and read some more about our trip in our big recap, and be sure to see all the gear we used at the Can-Am and Birchwood Casey websites.

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