turkey at window police breaking entering

Turkey Breaking and Entering Thwarted by... The Turkey Itself

I don't know if this crazy bird was being chased by hunters or if someone was just practicing their turkey calls in their house, but this bird was trying to find its way in.

Yes, thats the sound of the Apple Valley Police.  It appears that they responded to a call for breaking and entering. I don't think this is what they expected to find.

It's a head-scratcher when you spend hours in a woods and can't get these timid birds to get close to you. Then you see this crazy turkey acting like a yard chicken.

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It's a fun video to watch, but the comments are rich with ridiculously cheesy puns. the description on the page reads:

"FOWL BEHAVIOR: Apple Valley Police apprehended this suspect's bird-brained scheme for attempted "beaking" and entering. Police arrived just in time before he gobbled up any items. What a turkey!"

People commenting described the turkey as a "jailbird" or "peeping tom."

I don't see many tame birds in my neighborhood, but judging from the response it sounds like this crazy turkey behavior isn't all that uncommon.

The turkey is just seeing its reflection in the glass and believes its another turkey. Posters have claimed to frequently find turkeys at glass doors, windows and even shiny cars.

Makes sense. Maybe instead of working on my turkey calling,  I need to set up a bunch of mirrors by my ground blind?