live turkey calling

Listen to This Live Turkey Calling to Improve Your Technique

Understanding and mimicking the sounds of a live turkey will make you a more successful caller.

Turkey calling is an art that takes years to learn. You almost never become a master.

When you think you know exactly what they doing, they either don't respond or worse. You scare them off.

Besides scouting, one of the ways you can improve your calling success is to carefully listen to a live hen turkey when she yelps, cutts and purrs.

Thanks to Aaron Warbritton of Cabela's, turkey hunters can get a better idea of how turkeys communicate.

Aaron created one of the most useful turkey calling videos I've seen in a long time by capturing the clean, crisp hen sounds of a live turkey.  He goes on to explain exactly what the hen is doing and why.

The first section goes over the single lonesome hen. Pay attention to the how she starts soft, then slowly increases her volume and pauses between each call to wait for a response.

The second section goes over how an excited hen will start cutting. You can hear her hit a few long notes, then a quick rapid set of 2-3 cuts.

Some soft purring in between cuts is natural and adds realism. As Aaron suggests, this is a perfect time to get aggressive.

The video goes on to show a group of turkey hunters that use a variety of calling techniques. Soon, a hen and gobbler come into their decoys.

Their calling efforts result in a young hunter bagging his very first turkey!

Hopefully you picked up some turkey calling tips that will help you fill that tag this spring.