These Spring Turkey Hunting Highlights Will Have You Itching for Spring

Watching spring turkey hunting highlights is a great way to get pumped for the gobbling to come.

When most folks think of spring turkey highlights, they think of kill shots, and those are cool. However, it's not all about the kill.

Watch the video to see highlights from every part of a successful spring turkey hunt... and some kill shots, too.

There's nothing like listening to the spring woods wake up, especially if there's a hard-gobbling tom roosted just over the ridge. Seeing a field you are set up on fill up with turkeys will get any gobble addicted hunter's heart a-thumping. But only when you're looking down your shotgun's sights, do you know that your scouting, calling, decoy placement, and persistence have paid off. Success is just a trigger pull away.

By patterning your shotgun before the season, you'll know that when the gun goes BOOM!, the turkey will go flop.

Anybody else ready for spring gobbler season?

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