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Crazy Turkey Fight in Parking Lot [VIDEO]

Turkey Fight In Parking Lot

This person witnessed a turkey fight occurring in the parking lot at work and managed to get it on video. Lucky for those toms, turkey season was closed at the time.

This is how you know turkey season is almost upon us: people start witnessing turkey fights in all sorts of different places. Just like how bucks will begin to brawl prior to the rut, tom turkeys will spar with each other right before the turkey breeding season begins.

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Luckily for these turkeys, by fighting in a parking lot, they happened to pick a place where they would be safe from hunters while fighting for dominance.


I don't know about you, but I would have loved to seen a fight like this happen during turkey season and in an area where turkeys could be legally and safely hunted. Even so, this is still a pretty awesome sight to see!

Have you ever seen a turkey fight in an odd place like this before?

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Crazy Turkey Fight in Parking Lot [VIDEO]