Customers Are Raving Over These Travel Bird Cages Made for Their Feathered Friends

If you ever had to travel short-term distances with a four-legged friend, then you might be familiar with traditional pet carriers.

However, traveling with a feathered friend that can fly away at any given moment might be a little bit more tricky. Travel bird cages are the perfect solution to traveling with your birds.

Whether you take your pet bird to the vet or just want to give it fresh air, these travel bird cages will help you get the job done. Just check out what these satisfied customers are saying!

Best Carriers

1. Colorday Lightweight Bird CarrierLightweight Bird Carrier, Bird Travel Cage


Small bird? Large bird? No problem. This high-quality bird travel carrier from Amazon makes traveling easy and secure. The adjustable shoulder strap allows you to comfortably carry your bird no matter where you are going. The detachable bottom tray also makes cleaning easy.

The breathable design allows airflow for your pet bird from all four sides. This carrier measures 19 x 12 x 13 inches and is great for: large parrots, cockatoos, parakeets, cockatiels, quakers, macaws, and more! In addition, this carrier is spacious enough to include your bird's water and feeding bowl.

This customer says this carrier cage is lighter than any other parrot bird cages they've used:

"This is exactly what I want. I have been using it for a while, and my parrot likes it very much. The weight is lighter than the cages I used to go out with. The transparent skylight is very convenient for me to check the status of the bird at any time."

2. GABraden Lightweight Bird Carriers

This birdcage carrier is perfect for the outdoors and traveling. You can use the shoulder strap and sling it on your shoulder or simply carry it by the handle. I love that this bird cage carrier is designed to allow your small pet bird to still see outside into its environment.

You won't have to worry about this bird cage getting stuffy air because the ventilation allows fresh air to flow through. You can store your bird's favorite snacks in the side pockets. This cage is recommended for canaries and similar birds.

This customer is loving the easy access door for their pet cockatiel:

"Remington aka ReRe our very spoiled cockatiel loves his carrier. He easily enters it, there is a very sturdy perch for him to stand on and the sides offer him a view with no hidden surprises to scare him. It is large enough to have a food and water bowl for travel and yet small enough to carry it with ease. I am so happy I chose this one for him and when the door is opened his can walk right out. He knows when I take it out that he is going bye bye. This is a well made carrier and worth every penny."

3. Bird Carrier Backpacktravel bird cage


This travel bird cage is airline-approved! Whether you have a small parrot or a parakeet, your bird can go wherever you go with this parrot carrier. This travel carrier also comes with complimentary bird toys and a wood perch!

There is plenty of ventilation for your bird to get fresh air. I love that the side pockets are perfect for carrying your bird's snacks or your keys!

This customer loves that this small big cage carrier is perfect for traveling:

"I bought this for my wife so she could take hikes with our parrots and she is very happy with it. It is very sturdy and very useful for a bird lover. It does have mesh on it that a bird could chew through a few left it alone though so it is only while the bird is under your supervision."

4. VIVOHOME 19 Inch Acrylic Bird Travel Carrier

When you need something a little bit more heavy-duty for your birds, this acrylic travel carrier is designed with durability. This cage includes an automatic feeder, a bird perch, and a birdbath so that your pet bird enjoys the ride. I love that the feeder is see-through so you can see when your pet's food is getting low.

The wire spacing is wide enough so that your bird gets enough air but won't be able to escape. The acrylic material and slide-out tray make for easy cleaning and maintenance. The bottom grille is also great for catching extra food droppings and messes.

This customer's bird enjoyed their day at the park thanks to this cage:

"Easy to assemble and our birdy really liked her day in the park."

5. VIVOHOME 19 Inch Wrought Iron Bird Travel Carrier

This steel-framed cage is sturdy and is perfect if your bird is playful and likes to get rowdy. At only 13lbs, this cage is light enough to carry but durable enough for your bird to jump around in. You also get a colorful bird perch rope and two stainless steel feeding bowls, so your bird stays full and hydrated.

The wired bar spacing is .79 inches apart, so your birds won't fly away. If you own an expensive bird such as an African grey parrot, this helps give you peace of mind!

This customer loves that this cage comfortably fits their two birds:

After trying another bird travel product from a different seller, we decided to give these a go. They are so sturdy and our birds are way more comfortable and at home in these cages while we're on the road. We have a large cockatiel and a sun conure and they each fit comfortably in their respective cages with room enough to have a toy and the rope perch that comes with it as well.

If you need a long-term cage, check out this Prevue Pet Products F030 Aviary Flight Cage made by Prevue Hendryx!

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