6 Awesome Cat Kennels for Taking Your Kitty to the Vet & Airport

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Sometimes you want to take your cat everywhere, and sometimes you just need to get them to the vet and back without any hassle. No matter where you're headed, if you want your furred friend to be safe and comfortable along the way, then you need a quality cat kennel.

Because of their size (and the habit of doing cat things), we don't often put our kitties on a leash. A portable cat enclosure is the easiest way to travel with your pet in deluxe fashion and security. To the vet, the cafe, an airplane, or beyond.

Best Cat Kennels

Best for Small Dogs & Cats

1. Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier Ideal for Small Dog Cats

Petmate is a trusted brand that often specializes in cat litter boxes. With the Sky Pet Kennel, your cat gets a sturdy ride that is just as reliable for the vet's office as it is for an airplane. 360 degrees of ventilation and heavy-duty grating on the door and windows make this a reliable indoor cat house.

Best Pop-up Kennel

2. Sport PET Large Pop Open Kennel, Portable Cat Cage Kennel, Waterproof Pet Bed, Travel Litter Collection

This pet crate ranks as a great option, with built-in cat beds that are removable and machine-washable. Its soft-sided design keeps accessibility in mind, saving you the strain of hulking around a hefty hard-cased pet cage.

Cat travel just got so much better.

Best Airline-Approved Carrier

3. Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved

You know it's high-quality pet gear when you catch yourself imagining how it might feel to take a nap on the bed inside this cat kennel. Sherpa makes reliable pet supplies (and in this case) the softest pet playpen out there. It's a best seller for small animal owners who want to give their feline friend a convertible roof.

Add the portable litter box for easy cat travel.

Best for Kittens & Guinea Pigs

4. Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Cat Carrier - Pet Travel Kennel with Top-Load & Foldable Feature for Cats, Small Dogs Puppies & Rabbits

The Magasin Hard Cover is a supremely awesome choice for getting your pet cat to the vet in a jiffy. Its design makes it easy to pop up and open. If you're shopping for your pets other than your feline, this is a better option for guinea pigs than it is for large dogs.

Best for Large Cats

5. Cat Crate, Stress Free Travel Cat Kennel, Portable Indoor Outdoor Cat Crate, Condo Includes Storage Bag, 4 Cat Toys

This cat condo is one pet product that is more useful than just a trip to the doctor's office. By coming equipped with a set of ground stakes and hanging toys, it becomes a solid cat playpen too. Keep your pet safe at the beach or the park by securing it firmly to wherever you're settling. This is a temporary cat home with comfort.

Runner-up for Airline Travel

6. MASKEYON Airline Approved Portable Pet Carrier 2 Sides Expandable Soft-Sided Large Cats Carrier Collapsible Kennel Travel TSA Carrier 4 Doors with Removable

MASKEYON's kennel has two wings that fold out like a hammock, giving your kitty the most room to stretch. The double doors have dividers so that you can close up the sides of the case whenever necessary.

This post was originally published on April 15, 2021.

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