Stella The Four-Eared Cat Loves Her Vet Exam!

Stella the four-eared cat is having her best day ever at the vet!

It's always a good day when we get to watch cute cat videos, and we are just loving this one of Stella, a four-eared cat from Peterborough, Ontario, a city 78 miles northeast of Toronto, Canada.

This sweet and lovely cat has four ears due to a rare genetic mutation — "Stella has two regular ears, but she also has two smaller ears that are distinct and separate from her larger ears." The video description reads, "They sit behind the functional ears and they do not have ear drums or an ear canal. They do not cause Stella any difficulty nor do they give her superior hearing capabilities."

Unfortunately, the super affectionate happy cat started out with some not-so-happy beginnings: When Stella was born, her human simply dumped her at a veterinary clinic in a box and left without offering an explanation. After, the then-pregnant cat had to go through an emergency C-section to remove her deceased kittens left in her womb due to this trauma while Stella herself had a life-threatening infection.

Oh my goodness, just thinking of the ordeal this cat had to go through just breaks our hearts! Not that you will ever know from watching the video; The joy and love Stella exudes when Stacey the Vet Tech is petting her is undeniably cute and oh-so-adorable. It is, may I say, even inspirational! It also makes us smile; it's a much-needed dose of sunshine in these dark pandemic times!

Stella LOVES attention. She has found the perfect home with the family at Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where she gets all the attention she can get as the favorite among the hospital's patients and clients. Stella also found her calling — she now greets people and pets at the front lobby as they arrive at the hospital. Thank you, Stella! You are a true inspiration!

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