YouTube: Batzilla The Bat

Adorable Bat Devours His Banana While Nursing Back to Health

WARNING: At least one banana was seriously harmed in the filming of the following video. 

If I can offer you advice today, it's to visit Batzilla the Bat's YouTube channel; You might not get any work done, but watching hours of adorable bats being nursed back to health works as a brilliant excuse any day of the week in my opinion.

One of the channel's most popular videos is the rescue of Mr. Alex, who was believed to be hit by a passing car before he was found.

"As an elderly gentleman," the video description reads, "Alex is sporting a few old war wounds but in the absence of any fresh injuries and with all limbs working perfectly, we suspect a collision of some sort. As gentle as a kitten, Mr Alex is now enjoying bed rest, a full bowl of fresh fruit and a tummy full of juice."

I've watched Alex chow down on his banana at least 15 times now, and there's no slowing me down any time soon. I mean, how can you resist these eyes?

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