Cat Refrigerator Magnets Are the Daily Laugh You Didn't Know You Needed

It's a debate as old as time: who makes the better pet— a cat or a dog? Dogs have a lot going for them, but cats can be just as loyal of a fur friend and are sometimes even funnier than the family pooch. If you feel like your kitty is the source of laughter in your life, then you should check out a cat refrigerator magnet.

It doesn't take much to entertain a cat. With these fridge magnets, it won't take much to entertain you either. You're not a crazy cat lady for wanting to laugh in the kitchen.

Best Cat Refrigerator Magnets

1. Comidox Cute Multifunction Cat Magnetic Refrigerator Sticker Fridge Magnet Hanging Hook 2 in 1 Gray cat/Black white cat/Yellow striped cat/Gray Yellow striped cat 4pcs

Black cat, grey, or tabby. It doesn't matter what sort of feline you've got, this kitty magnet set has them all. Meow at the miracle of not losing your keys with these hanger tail hooks.

2. CHMETE Fun Cat Refrigerator Magnets for Whiteboard, Office, Photos, Notes, Decorative Fridge Magnets Refrigerator Stickers Gifts for Cat Lady

Compared to the choices with hooks, these aren't the most functional home decor magnets— but they are great for the cat mom who needs a laugh. These goofy cats look like they're ready for a hug.

3. Yalucky Cat Fridge Magnets for School Classroom Office Funny Kitty Kitchen Decor Refrigerator Magnets Ornament Perfect Whiteboard Map Notes Calendar Magnets 6 Pack

These kittens might be stretching their paws, but there won't be any paw prints left behind. As funny cat magnets go, this collection can crack a smile for nearly anyone.

4. Cosylove 16pcs Cute Cat Refrigerator Magnets, Crystal Glass Magnets, Office Magnet, Whiteboards, Photos, Decorative Magnets

Beanies, bowties, and fedoras might be considered hipster wear for humans, but they're a lot funnier on cute kitties. Tack up all the cards, invites, and armchair artwork with this hand-drawn set of fridge magnets.

5. Cat Butt Magnets Toys Set for Refrigerator - Set of 10 for Cat & Pet Lovers Stuff - Cat Tails - Perfect for Fridge, Whiteboard, Calendar - Cat Gifts & Decor

We challenge you not to laugh at this collection of cat butt magnets. If seeing your cat squeeze through somewhere they don't belong makes you stress in real life, then this set will give you the chance to see it with new eyes— and a bit more hilarity.

6. Cat fridge magnets refrigerator magnet magnetic souvenirs mini small vintage retro for stainless steel board kitchen car office set of 24

Cats in tuxedos? Check. Kitties on a bicycle? Got those too. This set imagines your feline as a little drummer pet, and puts a National Cat Week on the calendar.

7. Gray Cat Butt Funny Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet, Reversible Funny Dish Washer Refrigerator Sign, Double Sided Strong Kitchen Flip Indicator, Bonus Universal Magnetic Plate, Gray Cat

How about a kitchen magnet for the dishwasher? Let your family know that the cutlery is crusty by flipping this reversible sign around. Every time they see a grey cat butt, they'll know the washer is safe to load.

8. CHMETE 4 PCS Fun Cat Refrigerator Magnets for Whiteboard, Office, Photos, Notes, Bulletin Board Refrigerator Stickers Gifts for Cat Lady Cat Lovers

Giving beer to a cat is not funny in real life, but we can all imagine the mischief that a drunken cat might get into. If they're funny on catnip, you can bet they'd be comical with a cold one.

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