Is This 'Shark Sucker' a Trash Fish or Treasure?

Testing out the shark sucker.

Remoras: that weird fish that attaches itself to sharks and feeds off of its scraps. As you can guess by that description, it's a weird-looking fish. Now, how does it taste and how would you clean one of these things?

That looked like it was pretty tough to clean and you don't seem to get much meat off of it. What meat you do seem to get off of the fish does seem quite tasty. I'll let you be the judge if it's worth the effort for you. I know if I got lucky enough to catch a Remora, I'd try it. Of course I have yet to find much of anything fried up in panko that isn't good.

What seems to be missing is how do you manage to catch one of these things? From the way he was talking, it sounded like he hooked it by accident after chumming in some target fish. Either way, it's a nice bonus.