Trail Cam Catches Video of Man Opening Fire on His Neighbor

Things escalate quickly as a man shoots his neighbor on camera.

We often use trail cameras to capture those big whitetails we plan on hunting in the fall. But this Stealth Cam caught something very different and very graphic on this June day in Johnson County Indiana. This video is pretty graphic.

An altercation escalated quickly after a man's neighbor pulled out a firearm and waved it around while mowing, resulting in a shootout.

Dean Keller, 49, and Jeffrey S. Weigle, 59, exchanged gunfire on June 27, 2017 and Weigel was shot while driving a lawn mower. The pair had a long-running dispute with multiple altercations over a period of time.. The Johnson County prosecutor decided not to file charges.

It is reported that Weigle, as of July 6, was still in critical condition at IU Health Methodist Hospital.

Based off Indiana law, the judge and prosecutors agreed that Keller's actions were in self defense and that Weigle was the aggressor. Therefore no charges have been filed.

That is about guaranteed to be the wildest video this trail cam will ever film.

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