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Here's Indiana's 2016 Whitetail Deer Summary

Hunters, have a look at Indiana's 2016 whitetail deer summary and get a snapshot of how your favorite big game animal is doing in the state.

The 2016 whitetail deer summary has just been released by the DNR and is available on their website.

It is a comprehensive look at the number of deer that were taken through hunting, killed in car collisions and also a synopsis on disease and mortality.

This past year saw a four percent drop in deer harvested through hunting with 119,477 taken, down from the 124,769 harvested in 2015.

Ten of the counties with the best harvest numbers for interested hunters were in Greene, Switzerland, Lawrence, Dearborn, Parke, Steuben, Washington, Franklin, Noble and Harrison counties.

The number of deer culled through depredation permits, to reduce crop and property damage, came in at 1,556 whitetails with 311 permits having been issued.

Disease research and surveillance were done by the DNR to detect Chronic Wasting Disease, Bovine Tuberculosis and epizootic hemorrhagic disease. Bovine Tuberculosis monitoring was conducted near an outbreak on a cattle farm in the vicinity Dearborn, Fayette and Franklin counties.

Deer-vehicle collisions were down significantly from 2015 with 14,021 incidents in 2016, a nine percent decrease was noted.

Those who wish to read the full report for the comprehensive study can go this link at the DNR website and find "2016 Indiana White-tailed Deer Summary" in the contents list.