How to Get Bears On Your Bait Site Fast This Spring

These quick tips show how to get bears on your bait site fast this spring with tried and efficient methods.

Here is some definitive direction on how to get bears on your bait quickly and efficiently because time is money.

With some states having very limited time to bait for bears you have to use methods that will attract and bring them in quickly; and once in you need bait that will hold them.

Giving complete coverage, like this gentleman does, by using a combination of scents, solid food, bacon and grease should draw bears in from miles away, and most importantly, keep them returning. Which is critically important if you are hunting public land and competing against other hunters.

Don't just drop bait but do thorough scouting of your intended hunting area. Just like other big game, bears need habitat like good cover, water and forage foods, such as berries. Locate the sign and habitat and start baiting the site aggressively. Be sure to also watch for your own scent and use scent blocker clothing and sprays every time you head to your site.

Best of luck this spring with bear hunting and if the stars align you will have more meat for the freezer and a nice rug or mount for the wall.