How Do You Make Sure a Bear is Dead? Let This Be a Warning...

This incident should serve as a healthy reminder: bear hunting is serious business. 

This bear hunting video will hopefully teach you to always approach an animal slowly after you attempt to harvest it, especially a black bear. Even though these folks were hunting with hounds, the dogs weren't enough to initially fend off this angry black bear.

The bear ended up latching onto the lower torso of the hunter who approached it, leaving some fierce marks that'll surely scar.

Even though this black bear was shot three times and fell nearly 30 feet, it still didn't die. Unfortunately, this hunter didn't know that it was still alive.

When hunting black bears, always make sure the bear gives off the death moan, as I've heard it called, when it takes its last breath before you approach.

Thank goodness the hunter is okay and that it wasn't worse, because it definitely could have been.

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