Images via Toyota

Toyota Supra Coming to NASCAR

The Toyota Supra might be the most-anticipated car to debut in 2019, and NASCAR fans will to see it in action first.

As sporty as the new Toyota Camry looks, it just doesn't look as cool as a Camaro or Mustang, so starting next year, Toyota's NASCAR Xfinity Series teams will be driving the upcoming Toyota Supra. This will mark the first time since Toyota entered the series that it used a car other than its best-selling Camry.

The Xfinity race car was designed by Toyota's California-based teams at TRD and Calty Design Research to deliver a car that exudes the Toyota Supra design and meets NASCAR regulations.

While we have yet to officially see the production version of the next-gen Supra, Toyota has shown this car as the GR Race Car Concept and in camouflaged teasers, and this Xfinity car definitely has different proportions. The production car's rounded lines have been squared-off and rear end has been lengthened significantly.

"Supra is an iconic cool car, and to have it racing in NASCAR to highlight Supra's return speaks to how important this is. I'm hoping to be the first guy to get Supra to victory lane, but I'm sure there's a few other Toyota drivers thinking the same thing," said Kyle Busch, who races in both the Xfinity and Monster Energy Series

NASCAR had this to say on Twitter about Toyota's announcement:

Since joining the NASCAR Xfinity Series in 2007, Toyota has earned four manufacturer titles, two driver championships (including Busch's in 2009) and 143 overall wins. Toyota has not said when (or even if) it will use the Toyota Supra in the Cup Series, but we wouldn't be surprised to see this car running in these higher-profile races in the 2020 season.