Tough Testing: A Look at the New Ford Ranger in Action

The new Ford Ranger proves it's not to be trifled with...or turned into a pest control truck like the old models were.

Seems like reboots are all over the place these days. Roseanne, Will & Grace, The Office? Where will it end? One reboot that seems to be a surefire crowd-pleaser is the 2019 Ford Ranger, which, from the looks of a video the automaker just put out, is set to pave its own road.

Ford is banking on nostalgia and its new plan to cut all but two cars from its mostly-truck lineup to boost the release of the Ford Ranger. Looks like it'll be fine. Not only that, trucks are taking over the industry and there's even a new infrastructure plan that will boost sales in that sector.

Built Ford Tough

In a new marketing video, the 2019 Ford Ranger shows off all its toughness and talents by climbing up sandy hills, burning through snowy streets, and lighting up twists and turns with plenty of ease. It's basically a movie trailer for an anticipated summer movie release. Burn notice, Avengers!

The engineers and testers at Ford put the Ranger through the ringer, completely shocking its system with a tortuous sample run. The new ford Ranger's Terrain Management System, Trail Control and blind spot monitoring all sync together to provide an trail-ready ride.

Check out the video below:

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