How the New Infrastructure Plan Will Help the Sale of... You Guessed It, Trucks

Someone has to profit from the whopping $1 trillion infrastructure plan and pickup trucks actually make sense.

When the latest administration took office over a year ago, one of the biggest economic projects laid out was a pretty zealous infrastructure plan. How's that plan going? Mehhhhh, still in the weeds, but no one can knock the spirit behind it.

According to Business Insider, Morgan Stanley put out an analysis of the pretty bold U.S. infrastructure plan, which President Trump is seeking $200 billion of federal funding for. Altogether, spending would reach about $1 trillion over 10 years. So, what benefits will we, the American people, see when/if this takes effect? Better roads and bridges (looking at you, Houston), and for industry it'll happen in the shape of pickup trucks. That's right, pickup trucks.

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The Plan For The Plan

Even though pickup truck sales have been somewhat limping along this year, including sluggish February sales, the idea is that better, wider roads will give way to larger trucks. This will boost confidence in automakers to pump out more trucks and invigorate car buyers to get behind the wheel of one.

Pickups needs good infrastructure to be driven, compared to small, more urban-centric roads that are more suited for small cars and alternative modes of transportation.

Morgan Stanley also predicted that a boost in an infrastructure plan would also create rifts between auto companies with a pickup truck war. Ford, GM, and FCA all have popular pickup truck options and have always been pitted against each other. The Chevy Silverado and RAM 1500 may go head-to-head since new models are coming out at the same time, and Ford's F-150 will remain on top as per usual.

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Even though the auto news market is dominated by the latest in tech or electronic options or Tesla or autonomous driving, blah, blah, blah, the pickup truck industry has actually been steady. Passenger cars are being pushed to the side by SUV's and pickups, and self-driving cars are getting guff for their controversies as of late.

Pickups can possibly see a huge bump in the highly debated infrastructure plan. Even if sales continue to rise a bit here and there, and overall remain steady, having a little paved road of opportunity in front will no doubt give pickups the resurgence the Big 3 have been looking for.

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