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Top 8 Hunting Shows You Can Actually Learn From

Gone are the days when hunting shows were relegated to Saturday mornings: these days, you can turn on the television right now and probably find one. While I find most of the programming entertaining, these are the top eight hunting shows that you can actually learn from.

8. Michael Waddell's Bone Collector

Michael, Travis, and Nick brings us plenty of great hunts, along with tons of laughter. The show is very entertaining, while still managing to offer tips and techniques.

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7. Whitetail Properties

Whitetail Properties "Land Specialists" take us to prime whitetail locations every week. You get a first hand look at the hard work and preparation that goes into creating a successful whitetail habitat.

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6. Buckventures: The Woodsman

Listening to how Jeff Danker expresses his love for hunting whitetails with such passion and humility can't help but leave you inspired. As he teaches his daughters the nuances of hunting, I can't help but feel as if he's teaching the viewers, too.

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5. North American Whitetail

This show features one of the most accomplished deer hunters of all time, Stan Potts along with segments from "Dr. Deer" himself, Dr. James Kroll. You can learn things by accident just by having this show on in the background.

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4. Drury's THIRTEEN

Follow Mark and Terry Drury as they break down the deer season into thirteen individual segments. This unique perspective of the hunting season is sure to help you on your own whitetail pursuits.

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3. Major League Bowhunter

This show's tagline is "Never stop learning." Chipper Jones and Matt Duff strive to drive that fact home, making sure the viewers learn something new week after week.

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2. Deer Society - Legacy Bucks

Deer Society delivers great hunts filled with jaw-dropping bucks. Most importantly, you can learn the finer points of two critical whitetail hunting tactics. Calling and rattling for mature whitetails.

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1. Name The Game

Levi and Samantha Morgan travel across the continent, harvesting trophy animal after trophy animal. Each episode features a "Game Changer" were Levi discusses in detail the moment that lead to the successful hunt. Unfortunately Levi and Samantha are no longer producing "Name The Game" but, look for the Morgan's to launch a new knowledge pact series this fall!